Self Defense Class Instructor Master Instructor

Mark Kline

Mark’s passion for teaching self-defense started 22 years ago when he working in the Emergency Department as a Physician Assistant. His experience helping patients who had fallen victim to either street or domestic violence, left him wanting to do more […]

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Senior self defense instructor Senior Self Defense Instructor

Susan Kline

Black Belt Tang Soo Do, Fourth Dan Martial Arts Program Director, Master Instructor Founder of Pandas, Special Needs Program Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) and Integrated Yoga Therapist (Yoga Alliance) *Martial Arts Lineage Master Promotion by GM James Stargel, 10th Dan Hakutsuru-Tatsu […]

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Self Defense Instructor Self Defense Instructor

Ian Stokes

My name is Ian stokes and I have been doing martial arts for about 9 years. I have touched on several different arts, some from Russia, Israel, the Phillipines and mainly South Korea. I am a third degree black belt in […]

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Self Defense Instructor

Levi Wardell

Levi has been involved with martial arts since he was a small child. He started wrestling at the early age of 7 years old and became continued with wrestling through high school where he also started focusing on taekwondo where he […]

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Self Defense Instructor in Mount Airy Self Defense Instructor

Cash Alderton

I have currently trained in Krav Maga for almost 5 years. I studied Tang Soo Do for a short amount of time and Taekwando when I was very young. Most of my time has been spent in a gymnastics gym […]

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