Whether you test at the end of each BootCamp is absolutely up to you. You will have the experience of stress tests throughout the boot camps and if you feel that is enough at the end of the course you will receive your certificate of completion at the conclusion of the BootCamp. Nevertheless, we offer a full on 2-hour exam (at a minimum) that includes a thorough review and evaluation of your techniques, then strenuous exercise immediately, followed by a full-on stress test using your defense techniques to defend yourself against three attackers. Stress test times are as follows:

Awareness and Personal Protection: 4 Minutes
Ground Defense and Theory: 6 Minutes
Gun Defense and Theory 1: 7 Minutes
Gun Defense and Theory 2: 9 Minutes
Knife Defense and Theory 1: 11 Minutes
Knife Defense and Theory 2: 15 Minutes
Knife Defense and Theory 3: 18 Minutes

Our end of session testing is not for everyone but if choose to follow that path you will most likely learn a little more about how you perform under duress.  In addition, your certificate of course completion will validate your additional testing. Also, remember that simply because you are testing that does not mean you will automatically pass. There are certain mistakes that will result in an immediate failure of the material. You will be made aware of what not to do before testing.

Testing is $50 except Gun 2 through Knife 3 which are $100 due to the amount of material and time it will take to complete.