This course reveals the personal and complicated nature of defending yourself. There are no rules when you are attacked, no limit to what your attacker is capable of and no time to stop and think about what you must do to survive. You must and will learn to react instantly and powerfully so that you will reach safety.

In our Awareness and Personal Protection Bootcamp, you will learn basic concepts for defending yourself when someone has invaded your personal space and put their hands on you with the intent to do harm. Building on these basic ideas defenses against chokes, grabs, strikes and headlocks will be introduced, trained under stress under varied conditions and in diverse locations. You will learn to deal devastating defenses regardless of your attacker(s) speed, size or strength. This course will serve as your gateway to building a solid personal defense foundation needed as you transition into our Gun and Knife Defense Bootcamps.
At the completion of this course, students will have been taught and tested on:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Dynamic defense from chokes
  • Dynamic defense from grabs and strikes
  • Dynamic defense from headlocks