The 1 Basic Self Defense Tactic You Should Know

Basic Self Defense Rule 1 - Run Away
31 Jan

When you think about basic self defense, what do you imagine? Learning how to block a punch? Maybe how to get out of someone’s tight grip. Or perhaps you see yourself landing some awesome Bruce Lee style kick that catapults your attacker into another room.  

Regardless of your skill level, prior knowledge of martial arts or basic self defense tactics, the number one way to defend yourself remains the same. The best way to get out of an attack is a two step process that really isn’t that complicated at all.

Step 1: Swallow your pride. I don’t care how much you think you are prepared for, you don’t know what the other guy knows or what weapons they might have on them. You don’t know if the attacker has any friends with them. Swallow your pride and understand that being overconfident in a bad situation can get you or others hurt or even killed.

Step 2: Run. Even if you think you can handle the attacker without any issue, swallow your pride and hightail it out of the situation. Keep running until you are safe. Yes, there may be situations when you can’t run and you need to stand your ground but a high majority of the time running to safety will work.

Reality is, most of us are not marathon runners and can’t run forever so it is important that you are know what it means when I say “run to safety”. Safety can take different forms but here are a few things to look out for that can help you ensure you’re in a safe place to stop running and catch your breath.

Run towards a crowd. Your attacker will likely leave you alone when they know other people are watching.

Look for the police. This one should go without saying but if you see a police officer, run in their direction.

Run towards a well lit area. Even if you can’t find a crowd of people, getting to a place that is well lit can help your attacker think twice about causing you harm if there is a high chance of being seen.

Find a office building or storefront. Look for an open office lobby with a concierge or security officer to help you or even a store front with a clerk behind the counter.

Being attacked is a scary situation no matter who you are but there are always things you can do to defend yourself if it happens. Running away from situation is your safest bet but like I said earlier, sometimes you’ll need to stand your ground and use more than basic self defense. We offer a variety of self defense bootcamps that can teach you what you need to know.
Stay AWARE, stay safe.

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