Cash Alderton

Self Defense Instructor
Self Defense Instructor in Mount Airy

I have currently trained in Krav Maga for almost 5 years. I studied Tang Soo Do for a short amount of time and Taekwando when I was very young. Most of my time has been spent in a gymnastics gym (33 years). I am a USAG member (USA gymnastics) and have trained and currently coaching Parkour and free running. I have specialized in high level skill training for gymnastics, acro  gymnastics and spacial awareness and with training and coaching Parkour I have trained and worked many people in different levels of martial arts. During those 33 years I have been a strength and conditioning coach for kids and adults. Recently I have become a USAW coach (USA weightlifting coach) and I am currently involved in Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit. I have taught kids and adults both how to stay in shape, how to be aware of there surroundings, how to be safe as well as, how to fall and recover and always some self defense.  I live in Mount Airy, MD with my wife and two sons.