The intimidation and outright terror of having a gun pointed at you is broken down to its basics in this class. Once the theory of what is happening when you are attacked with a gun is understood basic defensive strategies are introduced and trained. However, it is much more complicated than simply learning to take a weapon away from an attacker. For example;

  • Have you ever held or fired a hand gun or long gun?
  • Do you know the different types of guns or the differences between guns?
  • Are you ready to use the gun on your attacker if need to?
  • If you have no intention of using the gun on your attacker, what are your options?

These and many other questions are addressed in this boot camp. This course ends with the option to take a weapon familiarization and live fire course (at an additional fee) taught by a certified NRA instructor. We cannot stress the amazing benefit of taking this class.

At the completion of this course, students will have been taught and tested on:

  • Gun theory and basic gun handling safety
  • Distance concepts and basic defensive tactics
  • Gun familiarization and live fire certification