Hands down, a knife attack is the WORST!!!! It is absolutely the hardest personal weapon to defend against. A knife attack has unlimited angles, and speeds it can attack from. A knife never runs out of ammunition, it is hard to see, many people carry them and you often do not even know that you have been slashed or stabbed until it has already happened! In fact, the number one defense against a knife attack is to run away!!!!

Unfortunately, escape from a knife attack is not always an option so survival depends on your understanding of:

  • the theory of a knife attack,
  • the importance of generating distance if possible and
  • your ability to create the optimal defensive body position

Besides the above ideas, Knife 1 dives into teaching shielding techniques, use of your environment for defense as well as improvised defense tactics. It will set the stage for developing numerous other knife defenses that are covered in Knife 2 and 3.